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Give Me Coffee!!!

Ok so the other day I decided to give up coffee. Crazy right?! It seemed like a good idea at the time. I have anxiety and caffeine is a real no no. But I only drink one or two cups … Continue reading

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Are You Sure You Want Yo Hear It?

Advice is a tricky thing. Sometimes we give it when it’s not even asked for and other times we aren’t sure if we should give it when it is asked for. I think we have this idea that the people … Continue reading

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What A Mess!

Can we move to a new house now, this one is messy!? I probably say this once a week at least. My hubby and I are constantly cleaning and yet, messy house! I had NO IDEA kids could be THIS … Continue reading

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Friendships From Afar

I am the worst at keeping in touch. I can admit it. I find it difficult to keep in touch with people I don’t see regularly. It’s not that not thinking of these people or that I don’t care, I … Continue reading

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Pet Privilages

How many of you have kids that beg you for a pet??? And how many of you have a pet for your kids, but you take care of it?? My daughter is driving us crazy asking for a puppy! And … Continue reading

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