#Yogalosophy Journal Day Two

Setting Goals

So today’s lesson was about setting small short term goals so that you have greater success achieving them and are therefore more apt to continue on the path. I agree with this concept. I guilty of getting to far ahead of myself and losing focus on the task at hand. I also take failure hard.

Today was definitely not a success. It started out fine. I ate well and exercised. Then I had my daughter’s birthday party with 17 kids aged 6-8 and that was the end of my successful day. I threw caution to the wind and ate pizza and cake. Then we got home from the party and I got called into a night shift at work so now I’m drinking tons of coffee and eating to stay awake another 12 hours. So much for good behaviour!

That’s the thing about life and diets. They don’t always go together! But when you hit that bump in the road you have to get back up and try again tomorrow. Part of yoga is living in the present, so every day is a clean slate to do and be your best. I need that!

My other task for the day was to make a vision board. It was to depict what j want for myself. So that I will work on. I think it should be fun!

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#Yogalosophy Day 1 Journal


So fittingly the challenge starts off with setting an intention for what you want. This may sound easy at first but I feel like I need to dig deeper than the obvious, to be healthier and thinner.

I think what I really want is to regain some of myself back from what I lost over the last few years. I have lived through a series of traumatic and demeaning events and I think what I need is to be able to be the person I am and not have to feel scared by what I’ve been through. I don’t want to be haunted by the past but instead inspired by the future. I think my anxiety would lessen and become controlled and I think I could fully feel the happiness I have found in our new life.

So although it may be a tall order, I think my intention is self healing.

Ok so since it’s the first day I will include a picture of yours truly and then every week through the challenge. Hopefully this will reflect what a great job I’m doing 😉. At the very least it should be an encouragement to stay on task.


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Up For It

Sometimes you just need to challenge yourself. And sometimes that challenge can give you direction.

As you may know I have been trying to turn a health conscious corner and overall it has been a very positive experience. There have been slips here and there and it hasn’t been easy to cut my calories back to 1200 a day and no bread, few carbs and little sugar. Like I said I haven always been able to stick to it. But I have been way more active and that alone makes me feel great! I feel though a lack of direction which makes sticking to it hard. So I picked up a book I bought last year and re read it. And you know it resonated more with me now than it had before. IMG_1691.JPG

So if you love yoga then you know that there is a lot more to it than just the poses that we do in a class setting. There is an internal component that works towards balance and harmony through both body and mind. It is about being present and aware internally and externally. Meditation and breath work are ways in which there are achieved along with the poses that are commonly known. This book is about making a holistic change, mind and body. I find this appealing as it gives a deeper sense of direction, something that I could use.

So over the next 28 days I will be sharing my experience with Yogalosophy. I am NOT endorsing or recommending ANY diet or exercise as I am not in a position to know what is best for you. It is more my hope that you may be inspired or even find comforter commonality in my struggles. It is also recommend to journal during this process so I though why not share it!

It is very common for “yogis” to be vegetarian or vegan. This is an aspect I’ve never explored before so I have choose the meal plan that is vegetarian. It also is a cleans as it eliminates sugars, caffeine and most carbs. So wish me luck and get ready for an interesting ride!

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We are born to fight. Not to argue or bicker, but to fight for our existence. It’s hard wired in us to live, survive so no matter what life throws at us our first and strongest instinct is to fight.

Our bodies do it naturally. Without us thinking about it our bodies will do everything within its power to keep us alive. This is how we overcome tragedy, loss and injury. We have it deep within us to push forward, adapt and redefine ourselves. It is an incredible part of nature that we share with all living creatures. It’s amazing what we can conquer in the face of fear, uncertainty and death. Our minds follow suit with our bodies and we are nearly unstoppable. Nearly. After all we can’t be invincible.

Sometimes though this instinct can be more of a detriment than a gift. Sometimes our bodies are defeated and just don’t know it. But our minds do. This makes the decision to under go assisted suicide all the more difficult. People that follow through with this course of action are incredibly brave. They have had to overcome their own bodies, their own natural instinct to fight because their higher knowledge can see reality. The strength that this must take!

Then there is the opposite where the body is in form to continue but the mind is not. Where the mind has given up and it is the body that dictates survival. There are many reasons for this to happen, none of which are pleasant, but mostly the need is the same, compassion. People that find themselves in this state need compassion more than anything. They need to not be judged.

Almost as strong as our will to living is our humanity. Our compassion for our fellow “man” and inane need to protect and care for each other. You would be surprised how people come together to survive and thrive. Or maybe you have already seen or experienced it. We not only have the instinct to survive ourselves but to have those around us survive with us. Incredible creatures aren’t we!

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Dig Deep

It probably shouldn’t take 34 years to realize you can’t make changes to your appearance without making changes to your “self”, but apparently it has. Finding happiness, acceptance and pride in who you are in the deepest sense and then embracing that is by far the greatest gift you can give yourself. No one else can do it for you either. It’s something that you have to work on and through and no matter what conclusion you come to, there’s more to be learned. Good thing too because otherwise, life would get pretty boring.

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Family Time

Family time is anytime. It doesn’t matter what you are doing as long as you are together.

We often try to plan actives or events so that we can be together and if your family is anything like mine, there is ALWAYS someone unhappy with the plans. It’s inevitable really. Each member had their own tastes and trying to find this everyone enjoys can be difficult. Plus we all have different moods. So what one feels like doing another may not.

Now I’m not saying don’t try to plan things. Trust me this wouldn’t be possible for me! But I am saying it’s not about the plan, it’s about the togetherness. So even if everyone in your family is doing something different, if you are in the same room and talking to each other; then you are golden. The simplest of moments can still hold great meaning! IMG_1688.JPG



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Cleaning House

Ok so this post probably isn’t for everyone. It involves bodily functions. So if you’re squish turn back now!

For as long as I can remember I’ve had issues with my bowels. And for as long as I can remember the best answer any doctor could give me was “eat more fibre”. Not helpful. I mean do you have any idea how hard that is!? Where do I start? Well trying to consume huge amounts of fibre is hard because it’s filling. Secondly trying to find and eat the right sources of fibre and assuming your body can deal with them properly are high on the frustration list.

So I tried over the counter stuff, like laxatives and dissolving powders and pills that help with your bowls. None helped. But all hope is not lost! I have started using a product that I believe is making me regular. Something I can’t ever remember being before. And it’s helping with the bloating as well. Bonus right!? So I’m not gaining anything for promotion and I can’t guarantee that it’ll do the same for you, but if your curious follow along for updates on how it continues to work for me.

I know this is a taboo subject but I think a lot of people share my problem and we need to start talking about out loud.


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Confused Counting

I am so confused! There I said it. I am trying REALLY hard to eat and be healthier ( I’ve lost 6 lbs so far) so I have been using an app called Lose It to count calories. It’s a great app, so no comments saying I’m bashing it ok! There are other like it too so nothing against them. It’s the actual counting of calories that’s got my head in twirl.

So I know that in Weight Watchers they do something similar to counting calories by giving food a number value. Get a value for your day eat within it. But I also know that they say fruits and veggies are “free”, eat to your hearts content. But when I add in fruits and veggies to my app so are high in calories. Now logic would dictate that it healthy food so it should be fine to eat right??? But when you’re trying to make every calorie count so you can lose the pounds it sea a little unfair that those good foods are putting me over the edge.

So I’ve come to two conclusions. First I’m doing this wrong. And second life just really sucks that bad. Ok so it’s not the end of the world but….. My tummy is rumbling and I’m confused!

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Sleepless Nights

So we have had our puppy for almost two months now and she is 3 months old. How has it been going, you ask. Well…..it’s not easy to care for such a young dog. They really are babies and ours is no exception. We still get up in the night and early morning to let her out for a pee ( and by we I mean me). And she absolutely refuses to walk outside in our now snow covered streets. Unless of course the kids are running ahead of her. And she is the BIGGEST suck you will ever see!!!

However, there is a positive side of course. We love her and she loves us! She makes the kids laugh in that awesome kid giggle that melts your heart. And she is a great companion to me and hubby. I have to admit, I love taking care of her. Just don’t ask me that at 3am or you’ll get a different answer! IMG_1630.JPG


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Boy Was I Off!

So yesterday my soon to be eight year old asked me when is the first day of winter. So I tell her it’s December 21. Then I say but I bet it snows a little tomorrow for Halloween. Me and my big mouth!!! IMG_1567.JPG

So this morning I go to take the puppy out to pee and SURPRISE !!! Snow. Like real honest to goodness almost a foot of snow. Really??? Mother Nature just couldn’t resist showing me up!!! Make me wrong to my daughter and way too right about Halloween. So now our sleepy little town is in a winter storm with 3 power outages already and the snow ploughs a going. I really should learn to just shut up!!!




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